Event Services

Nourish (Culinary Services)

Poultry, seafood, pasta and whole grain entrees
Fresh salad bar at every meal with housemade salad dressings
Housemade desserts and dessert breads
Organic whole-grain bread is served
Strict vegetarian and vegan entrees on request


Soda, Cheese and crackers, Fruit, Chips and pretzels, Tortilla chips and salsa, Crudites and dip, Cake, Pastry Tray and Cookies

Meals are prepared by Wisdom House chefs. We believe that nutrition, well-being, community, spirituality and environmental sustainability are all related. Our meals reflect these values.



Support (Equipment)

To provide for your conference equipment needs, the following are available for rent.

• Sound systems
• DVD, TV, CD and LCD units
• Easels and flipcharts
• Free WIFI

Enrich (amenities)

Amenities available at Wisdom House include:

• An outdoor swimming pool available during summer months.
• Our labyrinth and gardens offer peaceful outdoor sanctuaries.
• The Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery celebrates the art spirit.
• The chapel invites all to a contemplative space.