Food Service

Wisdom House meals provide a balance of nutritional foods which are carefully and mindfully prepared and selected. Meals include salad, vegetable and protein choices as well as some gluten free foods. Special menus for individuals cannot be created. Those with severe food limitations or who require vegan or celiac meals may supplement our offerings with their own special items. Guest refrigerators and microwaves are provided.

Guests will have what they need, nutritionally, but not necessarily what they want or prefer.

Wisdom is found at the table, both in the awareness of all who provide the meal for us and also in the conversation that is shared at the table.

See our Sustainability Commitment, Nutrition section.

Pork is not served as an entrée for inclusivity of spiritual traditions. Beef is not served due to the 2500 gallons of water and 12 pounds of grain needed to produce 1 pound of beef. With this we hope to minimize our negative impact on the global water crisis.