Journey of the Universe
Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim and Sam Waterston (schedule permitting)
Sat, Sep 23
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Teilhard de Chardin: Session 1
Sally Campbell Woodhall
Sat, Oct 14
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Group Event and Retreat Pricing Information

Included in your rate:

  • • Hospitality services which included sustainable coffee, tea and our artesian water
  • • Welcome tray of house made coffee cake upon arrival
  • • Wifi
  • • Primary meeting space
  • • Meals

Listed here are the not-for-profit rates. For other rates contact our conference coordinator at, conference@wisdomhouse.org 860-567-3163 or CLICK HERE for the Wisdom House Inquiry Form.


Day Meetings

(from 9am to 3pm)
Rate includes lunch
$50 per person

Overnight  Conferences

Rate includes 3 meals
a day
Main Building:
  • $114 – shared bedroom
  • $134 – private bedroom
  • $141.50 - $149 – private or shared bedroom with bath

Save with a 2 night package:

  • $197 – shared bedroom
  • $237 – private room
  • $252 - $267 – private or shared bedroom with bath

Farm House:

    $149 per person per day (16 person minimum)

Save with a 2 night package: $260 per person, six meals.

Free WIFI in all buildings.



PAYMENT OPTIONS: check, cash, credit cards (organization's credit card for not-for-profit groups. Add 4% for credit card use.)