Jung, Intuition and Spiritual Creativity
Don Bisson, FMS
Fri, Oct 26 - Sun, Oct 28
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Healing the Heart and Spirit After Cancer Treatment
Eileen Manela, LCSW
Fri, Nov 9 - Sat, Nov 10
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78. Thelma Appel: Milestones - Intro

77. Thelma Appel: Milestones - Part 1

76. Thelma Appel: Milestones - Part 2

75. Thelma Appel: Milestones - Part 3

74. Sacred Moments: Lisa Bell

73. Sacred Moments: Ashby Carlisle

72. Elisabeth Moss - Artist talk: Inviting the Great Dance

71. Erin Tapley- Artist talk: Heal

70. Intro to Wisdom House Artists Talk - Robert Alberetti and Mary Lou Alberetti: Introduction

69. Artist's Talk - Robert Alberetti: Robert Alberetti

68. Mary Lou Alberetti Presentation: Mary Lou Alberetti

67. Mary Lou Alberetti in the Gallery: In the Gallery

66. Ilia Delio, OSF: The Unbearable Wholeness of Being

65. Ursula King: Living in the Divine Milieu

64. Margaret Galiardi, OP: Our Cosmic Roots

63. Jean Linville: Ephemera Art Exhibit
Sister Jo-Ann Iannotti introduces artist Jean Linville
An artist’s talk with artist Jean Linville - Part 1
An artist’s talk with artist Jean Linville - Part 2

62. Janet McKenzie: Embracing Transformation: The Journey and the Cross
Sister Jo-Ann Iannotti introduces artist Janet McKenzie
An artist’s talk with painter Janet McKenzie - Part 1
An artist’s talk with painter Janet McKenzie - Part 2

61. Lori Robeau: Introduction to “The Distance Between Language and Light” exhibit

60. Lori Robeau: Artist Lori Robeau’s talk

59. Realms: Works of Mary Terrizzi, Naya Bricher, Scott Bricher

58. Double Belonging: At Home in Two Traditions – Casagrande Interfaith 2013

57. Ingrid Freidenbergs: Collage: A Cure for a Disordered Life.
Introduction: Ingrid Freidenbergs
Collage Art Exhibit Talk - Part 1
Collage Art Exhibit Talk - Part 2

56. Father Michael Crosby, OFM: Growing into the Cosmic Christ

55. Ecology and Spirituality Forum (3 videos): Declining Bee Population

54. Thomas Moore: Care of the Soul and Spirit

53. Dominic Crossan: The Greatest Prayer

52. Richard Wanderman: Gallery Exhibit

51. Scott Petersen: Photographer W. Scott Petersen's Artist Talk - Part 2

50. Scott Petersen: Photographer W. Scott Petersen's Artist Talk - Part 1

49. Timothy Radcliffe, OP: An Imaginative Word

48. Solar Panel Dedication

47. Rabbi Rami Shapiro: The Jewish Jesus Retreat

46. Richard Rohr, OFM, The Naked Now: Seeing as Mystics See

45. Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault: Jesus and Mary Magdalene: Wisdom Teachers

44. Artist Harvey Offenhartz: Wisdom House Artist Talk

43. Wisdom House Labyrinth

42. Barbara Fiand: Awe Filled Wonder Interview with Sister Rosemarie Greco

41. Rami Shapiro, The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness

40. Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery Display: John Talbert, Photographer

39. William Barry, SJ: A Friendship Like No Other

38. The 10th Casagrande Institute for Interfaith Conversation: Change of Climate

37. The Beatitudes: Lamposts for a Christian Journey, with John R. Donahue, SJ

36. John Dear, SJ: A Culture of Peace

35. Family Labyrinth Walk

34. Walking the Labyrinth

33. Wisdom House 60th Anniversary: Opening Comments

32. Wisdom House 60th Anniversary: Slide Show

31. Wisdom House 60th Anniversary: Closing Comments

30. Audio Slide Show: Sacred Chant Workshop with Marguerite Mullee

29. Recorder Society of Connecticut

28. Moments with Master Drummer John Marshall and Friends: Drum Workshop

27. Joyful Rhythms for the New Year: Drums and Interview

26. Interview with Florin Ion Firmita : Florin Ion Firimita talks with Sr. Jo-Ann Iannotti

25. Marie Louise Trichet Art Gallery Opening: Florin Firimita's Opening at Wisdom House

24. Interview with Julia Cameron: Weathering Challenges to our Creativity

23. Julia Cameron: The Power of Perseverance

22. Julia Cameron: A Meditation on Creativity

21. Cecilia Marshall: Bookmaking for Beginners at Wisdom House

20. Cecilia Marshall talks with Sr. Jo-Ann Iannotti, OP

19. A conversation with photographer C. Sandra Lopez-Isnardi: Simply Landscapes: Pixels and Prints

18. 10th Anniversary of Wisdom House Labyrinth: Celebration Video

17. The Spirit Within Me: Interview with Artist Norell Gudaitis about her Inspiration and Craft

16. Dreams and Dreamers: Rev. Carolyn Fleming-Sawyerr - The Significance of Dreams

15. Portals: Works of Mary Lou and Robert Alberetti

14. Blessing and Dedication of the Chapel Windows:
Introduction - Part 1
Talk by artist Hugh O'Donnell - Part 2
Talk by artist Hugh O'Donnell - Part 3

13. Jan Richardson at Wisdom House: Embracing Wisdom

12. The Gift of My Mother: Celebrating Anne Morrow Lindbergh

11. Poet Davyne Verstandig interviews Author Francine Prose

10. Francine Prose: How to Read as a Writer

9. John Marshall: Drumming at the Labyrinth

8. Works of Amelia deNeergaard: Natural Connections

7. Exploring Catholic Culture: Interpreting Scripture, Part III, John R. Donahue, SJ

6. Exploring Catholic Culture: Interpreting Scripture, Part II, John R. Donahue, SJ

5. Exploring Catholic Culture: Interpreting Scripture, Part I, John R. Donahue, SJ

4. Works by Judith Petrovich: Garden Tapestries Series

3. Christian Perspectives on Factory Farming: Eating Mercifully

2. Julia Cameron Special Presentation: Creative Myths and Monsters

1. Wisdom: The Divine Feminine: Interview with Rabbi Rami Shapiro by Sr. Rosemarie Greco,DW